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eSaral Test Series for NEET 2020

  • NEET Guided Revision Test Series
  • NEET Topicwise Test Series

eSaral offers a great benefit for the NEET aspirants by launching Guided Revision Test Series for NEET 2020 designed in a way to increase problem solving skills. The complete Test Series is based on the actual NEET exam pattern (180 Questions in 3 Hours which include 45 questions from Physics and Chemistry each and 90 questions from Biology). Every single test is designed and planned by Expert Kota Faculty, Saransh Gupta Sir (IIT Bombay, AIR 41), Prateek Gupta Sir (IIT Bombay) & N. K. Gupta Sir (IIT Kanpur).

Features of eSaral NEET Guided Revision Test Series

  • Total Tests: 21
  • Time Table wise Guided Revision covering Entire Syllabus.
  • All tests available as per NEET 2020 exam.
  • Hints and Solutions of all the questions.
  • Anytime and Anywhere Test Practice.
  • Get instant Sore along with detailed Analysis.

Components of FREE Tests

1 Full Syllabus Review Test

3 Topicwise Tests ( 1each of Phy, Chem, Bio)

With these tests students can gain expertise in attempting tests in 3 Hours of time which will help them a lot in the real exam environment. Moreover, these tests are mobile friendly which means you can access them through your mobile phone/ tablet at anytime and anywhere.


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